Creative Womanhood is an organization that exists to encourage and empower women to discover their creative talents as well as the spirituality and faith surrounding those gifts as they are shared in the home. Barbara Scharpf is an artist, singer, dancer and gifted fine art enthusiast who brings her love for the home, family, friends and creativity to her many passions. It is her wish to offer a community for women to share in the therapeutic benefits of creative expression in their many, varied forms—through the strokes of a brush, movement of dance, or sounds of music. This sisterhood of fellow artists offers women the revitalizing benefits of purpose and recognition as Creative Womanhood fosters an awareness of creative gifts in women that may have been hidden, overlooked, or just never tapped into. It is an organization that believes that the care of those closest to us has a deeply eternal purpose.

As concepts of femininity are ever-changing, Creative Womanhood desires to renew and invigorate the role of women in the lives of their families, significant others, and communities, by establishing personal ownership of that calling. The goal of this website is to open doors for women to have a fellowship of artists and a stage to display their creative talents to others. Practical workshops on arts and crafts entitled “Creative Womanhood Workshops” are used to honor the legacy of home and family, the power of femininity, fun and fellowship.

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Barbara has spent much of her adult life raising three children and being very supportive of her entrepreneurial husband. While this time was immensely satisfying and helped shape her into the woman and artist she is today, she always had a yearning to explore her artistic talents. Barbara has painted since childhood, taken several classes, and studied with many very accomplished artists. Through all her studies, she has developed and refined her own very unique style. Whenever Barbara could steal an hour to paint, sing or dance, she was in her most spiritual place. While she continued to use her art as a therapeutic escape, she always wanted to share her creations with a broader universe. That was the birth of Creative Womanhood!

Barb had a calling to create a medium to share her passions and create not just a website, but a community in which women can share their many mutual talents with the public.

Years ago, Barb and her husband took a trip to the Rocky Mountains for a music conference at the grand YMCA camp in Estes Park, Colorado. While there, she discovered a deep urgency to begin to offer her heart and soul through her artistry and music to the outside world. This sense of calling was driven in part by her personal faith and from her desire to give back. And then came “Creative Womanhood”.